Keilah’s Korner

  • Full name: Keilah Mae West
  • 5 years old; going to kindergarten
  • a world class klutz
  • a little absent minded
  • dances with two left feet; it’s been proven that she cannot walk and chew gum at the same time
  • collects seashells
  • loves to wear her favorite pair of Boot Scoot cowboy boots
  • owns a fish named Oscar
  • likes to play dress up with her bestfriend Gigi


Fun Facts:

  • Keilah was the name of a city found in the lowlands of Judah.
  • maeKeilah’s named after MaeWest, a child star who became on the world’s greatest female actresses and comedians.


Color Keilah!

colorDownload free printable coloring page of Keilah West to print out and color.

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